From Pasture to Plate. Sustainably raised beef cattle in the heart of the Triad.

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On the Ranch

Chris Yokeley
Owner, Farmer

Sandy Yokeley
Marketing & Management


Hours of Operation

Tuesday to Friday


Sustainable, pasture-raised beef cattle IN DAVIDSON COUNTY

Yokeley Farms is a small, sustainably managed farm located in the Town of Wallburg.  We manage a herd consisting of Red Angus and Shorthorns.  We added the influence of Shorthorn into our breeding program in order to produce a beef with a greater degree of marbling. 

All our beef comes from the steers that we have personally raised.  This way, we are able to say without a doubt that our animals are raised with No ImplantsNo Antibiotics or Added Hormones.  

At Yokeley Farms, we grow all the hay that is used in the supplemental feeding of our cows.  We maintain Orchard grass, Fescue and Forage Bermuda fields.  Our Pastures are sown with the addition of Oats, Ladino Clover, Turnip, Daikon Radish, Australian Winter Pea, and a Forage Rye.  This forage blend supports the nutritional needs of our cows during the winter months.  We use a rotational grazing practice on the farm to help ensure year round grazing.

We offer beef that has been Pasture Raised and supplemented with spent grains from the nano-brewery Yokley Arms Brewhaus. 

We are involved with every level of production with our herd.  We are very hands on with our momma cows and calves because calm and happy cows do make a difference.


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